Peer Review Process

Peer review helps lend credibility, transparency, and technical accuracy to any scientific work product.  HESI is proud of its long-standing practice of conducting an “internal” peer review before submission of manuscripts and reports developed by its committees to scientific journals.  The addition of the internal HESI peer review process as a prelude to the typical journal review is designed to ensure that the organization’s work products achieve the excellence demanded by HESI’s multi-sector project participants.
The Program Strategy and Stewardship Committee (PSSC) of the HESI Board of Trustees oversees the HESI peer review process.  A public trustee serves as Editor-in-Chief for coordination of the HESI peer review process.
Peer review is institutionalized at HESI through specific requirements that are actively followed by all HESI committees.  Once internal peer review requirements have been met, work products are submitted to scientific journals where they are subjected to the journals’ peer review processes.  To review a step-wise guide to the HESI peer review process, including responsibilities of the PSSC Editor-in-Chief, program committees, and HESI staff, click here.  For a status report on the HESI Peer Review Process through 2016, click here.
HESI pledges to set and maintain the highest possible standards for peer review of its work products.  This responsibility is considered among the highest priorities of the organization.
For more information about the HESI Peer Review process, contact Cyndi Nobles at