HESI Annual Meeting

8-9 June 2022

Hybrid Event: Online and In-Person Attendance Options Available
Venue: HESI Office, 740 15th Street NW, Suite 600, 3rd Floor Conference Center, Washington, DC 20005


Wednesday, 8 June 2022 

9:00 am – Welcome & Meeting Goals

9:05 am – HESI: Achievements and Impacts – a Growing Organization Meeting Global Needs. Dr. Syril Pettit, HESI Executive Director

9:25 am – HESI and Global Partnerships for Good in 2022. Moderator: Dr. Martin van den Berg, Utrecht University, HESI Chair of Board

9:30 am  HESI Global Risk Assessment Training Center. Dr. Michelle Embry, HESI Associate Director and Dr. Eliana Munarriz, University of Buenos Aires

10:05 am  HESI Propagate – A COVID-19 Initiative to Enhance Global Health Equity Through Efficient and Accessible Testing Methods. Dr. Emily Bruce, University of Vermont and Dr. Margaret Mills, University of Washington

10:45 am  Herb-Drug Interactions Mixed Methods Research Program – a Joint HESI/U Malawi School of Pharmacy Initiative. Dr. Dallas Smith, University of Malawi School of Pharmacy/US CDC and Dr. Kumbukani Nyirenda, University of  Malawi.


11:25 am – BREAK

11:45 am – Panel Discussion: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic impacted international collaboration – a look back and forward. Moderator: Dr. Doug Wolf, Syngenta.

Panelists: Dr. Sandrine Deglin (HESI), Dr. Clare Narrod (Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at UMD), Dr. Arianne Brown-Jordan (Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Health), Dr. David Morrow (EATRIS)

12:30 pm – LUNCH

1:15 pm – HESI Science at the Cutting Edge: Evolving Applications of Error Corrected Sequencing in HESI Scientific Programs. Moderator: Dr. Barbara Parsons, FDA

1:15 pm  A Brief History of Error Corrected Sequencing Field. Dana Nachmanson, PhD, TwinStrand Biosciences (virtual presentation)
1:35 pm  Proof of concept and a roadmap for error-corrected sequencing in regulatory toxicology. Dr. Carole Yauk, University of Ottawa
2:10 pm  ecNGS for detection of cancer driver gene clonal expansion as a potential early biomarker of carcinogenicity. Dr. Patricia Escobar, Merck
2:45 pm  CT Tracs – Combining unbiased and targeted approaches to assess tumorigenicity risks for gene edited cell therapies. Dr. Mick Fellows, AstraZeneca 


3:20 pm – BREAK

3:45 pm – Panel Discussion: 33 Years of Advancing Science at the Intersection of Sectors – Lessons learned and future goals for HESI. Moderator: Dr. Anthony Holmes, NC3Rs

Panelists: Dr. Angelo Moretto (University of Milan), Dr. Norman Stockbridge (US FDA), Dr. Rose Omari (Ghana Center for Scientific and Industrial Research), Dr. Ruth Roberts (Apconix)

4:30 pm – HESI Innovation Prize 2021 Lecture.

Income Inequality and Health Equity with Respect to Life Expectancy. Dr. Kenneth Olden, NIEHS (retired)

Followed by Reception to Honor Awardee


Thursday, 9 June 2022

9:30 AM – Welcome & Introduction

9:35 am – HESI THRIVE – A HESI Competitive Seed Grant Program to Advance Quality of Life for Cancer Patients and Survivors. Introduction: Dr. Shermaine Mitchell-Ryan, HESI

9:45 am  Surviving the Cure: Perspectives from a mom-cologist. Dr. Courtney Horvath, PhD, DABT, Novartis
10:15 am  Defining an inherited predisposition to cancer therapy-induced cardiomyopathy. Krishna Aragam, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
10:45 am  Cancer therapy and premature ovarian failure in young female cancer patients. Shuo Xiao, PhD, Rutgers University
11:15 am  Diabetes after breast cancer: A role for adipocyte progenitor cells. Elizabeth Wellberg, PhD, Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (virtual presentation)
11:45 pm  Panel Discussion. Moderator: Dr. Syril Pettit, HESI Executive Director

12:15 pm – LUNCH

1:15 pm – HESI Science Foresight: Forward Science Session Focus on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence to Support Animal Free Drug Development and Chemical Safety. Moderator: Dr. Ruth Roberts, Apconix

1:20 pm  AI in Drug Safety: Hype or Reality? Dr. Szczepan Baran, VeriSim Life
1:50 pm AI Approaches Alternative to Animal Studies. Dr. Weida Tong, Director of Division of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, FDA NCTR
2:20 pm AI Approaches to ‘Safety by Design’ for Ag Chemicals. Dr. David Rouquie, Bayer CropScience (virtual presentation)
2:50 pm  Panel Discussion

3:20 pm – Awards and Recognitions

3:45 pm – Adjourn Day 2


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