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The adoption of new programs and projects allows HESI to address the most relevant emerging science and serve as a resource for its stakeholders to pursue collaborative scientific evaluation. HESI advances science through our scientific committees, which are comprised of public and private sector scientists who contribute their expertise and resources. Learn more about how we work. HESI provides a unique opportunity for scientific peers from different sectors to work as collaborators in a neutral, scientifically rigorous, and professionally coordinated setting.

Frequently Asked Questions about the HESI Emerging Issues Process:

  • How are proposals vetted?

    How are proposals vetted? Via the HESI Emerging Issues Committee (EIC), a scientific advisory board of experts from around the world and different fields of study and employment, new project proposals are reviewed on an annual basis. Reviews consider scientific merit, potential for resolution via a public-private HESI program, novelty, and relevance to HESI’s mission. The EIC advisors narrow the initial field of submissions and the final decisions are made based upon further input and direction from the HESI EIC, HESI Board of Trustees, HESI staff, and input from our diverse member base.

  • What kind of support is offered?

    What kind of support is offered?  The EIC is not a grant program and no direct financial awards to external parties will be made. However, selected programs will receive funding in the form of HESI staff support for scientific program design, coordination, and management. We are seeking topics that focus on the applied human and/or environmental health sciences and that require scientific perspectives and expertise from academia, government, industry, non-profits, clinicians, and/or others research sectors. Project proposals that fit within the scope of existing HESI scientific committees or that already have collaborators and a funding source (through sponsors, grants, or other funding mechanisms), may go through an expedited process. As interest and staff resources allow, these projects can be initiated within only a few months or less.

  • How long does the EI Process take?

    How long does the EI Process take? Typically, it takes about twelve months between the time proposals are submitted and a new program is launched. HESI staff support the resulting new scientific committee for the first year before additional funds must be raised by the members of that committee.

  • Are there faster processes to launch new programs in HESI?

    Are there faster processes to launch new programs in HESI?  Yes. If you have a focused programmatic concept and are willing to work with HESI staff to define key objectives, deliverables, stakeholders, and funding sources, it is possible to initiate new programs more quickly. Further details on the process are available here.

  • Who can submit a proposal?

    Who can submit a proposal? Anyone from the public or private sectors can submit a proposal. Submissions do not require current or prior affiliation with the HESI organization.


For more information about submitting a project proposal, contact Jennifer Pierson at

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