The HESI Stewardship Program, administered by the Program Strategy and Stewardship Committee (PSSC) of the HESI Board of Trustees, is a mechanism to ensure high quality, scientific content of HESI committee work products; encourage a continued focus by each committee on achievable objectives; ensure the best use of critical resources; and enhance HESI’s scientific credibility. 

Status Report

The status report includes details for all HESI Committee Stewardship Reviews. Read the report here.


Stewardship Program presentations are recorded and can be viewed on the HESI Webinars and Videos page.


Three or four HESI Committees are reviewed each year. View the schedule here.


A guidance document is available for HESI Committees to prepare for their Stewardship Review. Read the document here.

The PSSC also oversees the HESI peer review process.  A public trustee serves as Editor-in-Chief for coordination of the HESI peer review process. Read more about HESI Peer Review here.


For more information about the HESI Stewardship Program, contact Jennifer B. Pierson,