Naturally Occurring Infections in Non-Human Primates (NHP) and Immunotoxicity Implications: Discussion Sessions

  • Publication Date :
  • Publication Type : Journal Article
  • Author(s) : Olivier KJ Jr, Price KD, Hutto DL, Lerche NW, Mansfield KG, Simmons JH, Taylor K, Myers LP, Ouyang Y, Evans EW
  • Journal Name : Journal of Immunotoxicology

Journal of Immunotoxicology. 2010;7(2):138-146

Abstract: Non-human primates (NHP) are used to best understand and address pharmacology and toxicology obligations for human patients with highest and/or unmet need. In order to ensure the most appropriate care and use of NHP, it is important to understand the normal micro flora and fauna of NHP and ensure their utmost health to generate the most valuable and applicable data. There are many infections, including viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal that may perturb physiologic endpoints relevant to human health, and are essential to monitor and/or eradicate for NHP health. This publication captures a discussion involving the experience, knowledge and opinion from academic, industry and government experts regarding emerging and normal infections in NHP as they relate to immunotoxicity, and treatment and consequences of known infections.

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