FDA/CBER-HESI Workshop on the Safety Assessment of Engineered T-Cell Therapies

  • Event Name : FDA/CBER-HESI Workshop on the Safety Assessment of Engineered T Cell Therapies
  • Start Date/Time :
  • End Date/Time :
  • Location : Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
  • Venue : US Food and Drug Administration

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the preclinical and translational safety assessment of engineered T cell therapies. The workshop will focus on six topics, followed by an in-depth discussion:

  • Designing engineered T cells for optimal activity and safety
  • Target expression and associated liability assessment
  • In vivo models informing safety and activity
  • Safety of viral and non-viral gene delivery systems – utility, risk of genomic injury
  • Linking preclinical development with the clinical experience
  • Regulatory considerations

Agenda: Please find workshop agenda here.

Accommodations: Click here to find a list of nearby hotels. Please note that participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the US FDA site.

Requirements: To gain building access, you must bring acceptable and valid government issued identification (ID).

Registration: Onsite registration is now closed. To attend the workshop virtually, please use the webinar link located below.

Webinar: Click here to join the webinar.


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