Cancer Immunotherapies: Biology, Therapeutic Approaches, and Immune-Related Safety Assessments

  • Event Name : Cancer Immunotherapies: Biology, Therapeutic Approaches, and Immune Related Safety Assessments
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  • Location : San Francisco, California, USA
  • Venue : Genentech


The field of immunotoxicology is a dynamic one in which changing public health concerns, novel biomedical research advances, and innovative technological developments constantly change the landscape and the way in which work is carried out and utilized. As this field requires combined expertise in both immunology and toxicology, the need for continued training and interdisciplinary interactions are critical for those who work within this field. This is essential both for those with an immunology background who seek to apply this expertise to drug development and safety, as well as those who wish to enhance their current drug safety expertise with a deeper understanding of immunology.


-Review the background science of the immune system in both normal and diseased state

-Enhance awareness of toxicities associated with modulation of the immune system

-Provide a training mechanism that incorporates the latest science into preexisting drug development methodologies


Beyond the dialogue that will be generated on the latest science, this training course will provide the opportunity to apply it to a drug development setting through the following means:

-Engagement and discussion with experts in the field will enable participants to see how the science translates to applicability in drug development

-The use of specific case studies will engage and illustrate to participants how they can systematically progress on a sample task

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