Who We Are


As an independent non-profit, HESI builds the right teams of experts, asks the right research questions, and structures the right frameworks and studies so that the resulting solutions inform decision-making by both private- and public-sector scientists. The research conducted by these teams is designed to move scientific principles into tested solutions that can be broadly applied in the real world.

Who We Are

HESI brings together scientists from academia, government, industry, and NGOs from around the world to ensure the health and safety of people and our environment. HESI helps solve the most pressing risk and safety challenges facing humans and the environment today, including ways to lower patient risk, reduce the use of animals in testing, protect the environment, and enhance the safety of products and food we use every day.


An experienced, motivated professional scientific staff, led by HESI’s Executive Director, supports HESI programs. HESI’s team is committed to excellence and our technical committees are responsible for the hard, understated work of testing processes and frameworks that allow scientific data to be translated into solutions that protect the environment and human health.

Board of Trustees

HESI is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of 16 representatives from the public sector and 15 representatives from the private sector. Trustees serve three-year terms.

Participating Organizations

Scientists from more than 200 organizations including academia, government, industry, and NGOs around the world provide intellectual contributions to HESI’s scientific programs. By bringing together international experts, HESI helps address the most pressing risk and safety challenges facing humans and the environment today.

Insights from participating researchers in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America help make HESI’s scientific programs and outputs meaningful across borders and cultures and applicable at regional, national, and international levels. By bringing together people from different backgrounds we promote innovative ways of looking at problems and improve the final outcomes.


HESI’s multi-sector, multidisciplinary stakeholders are passionate about working together to answer pressing scientific questions. In addition to our core scientific committees, HESI has also developed formal partnerships with key governmental and non-governmental bodies in shared support for quality safety science.