Success Stories

HESI’s work enriches the existing body of scientific evidence and improves our understanding of how to apply science to improve human and environmental health. The following are selected examples of HESI scientific programs that have completed their multi-year work plans with measurable global impacts.

Take a look at how HESI’s collaborative efforts have helped to…

Protect Against Potential Carcinogens
HESI’s program on Alternatives to Carcinogenicity Testing generated a critical dataset that continues to guide the selection of appropriate supporting assays for carcinogenicity testing. "The HESI role in this project was a great example of the power of the model and the ability of this model to foster evolution of scientific thinking in an area critical to promoting human health. There were many individuals involved in making this project a success and it was the environment created by HESI that enabled this remarkable cross-functional effort to be so effective. It is clearly a model that has been perpetuated and enabled continuing contributions to the many challenges we face." - Dr. Jim MacDonald, Chrysalis Pharma Consulting

Reduce Animal Use in Testing

"The Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) Agricultural Chemical Safety Assessment (ACSA) represented an early effort to reduce the number of animals and resources used in chemical safety evaluation by designing a tiered testing paradigm that incorporated existing knowledge of toxicity and exposure.  This effort was an important springboard to the current efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of toxicity testing through use of modern technologies to provide the most relevant information for decision-making." - Dr. Vicki Dellarco, U.S. EPA

Enhance Patient Safety & Quality of Life
HESI THRIVE, a partner in the 2018 Biden Cancer Initiative, provides seed grants for clinical and translational research and technology-based solutions that enhance our ability to predict when and how adverse effects may occur in patients who have received cancer treatment. "Findings of these innovative THRIVE studies will contribute essential evidence focused on minimizing treatment toxicities that impede quality of life - an outcome that is central to making good on the promise of providing patient-centered care that improves the lived experience for cancer patients and their families. HESI brilliantly dovetailed THRIVE's work with the Biden Cancer Moonshot activities to spotlight this broader constellation of cancer research priorities. Working with HESI and other partners looking ahead, we hope the early inertia from THRIVE drives momentum for robust stakeholder involvement and dedicated investment supporting high-quality survivorship that truly puts people at the heart of healthcare." - Rebecca Kirch, National Patient Advocate Foundation

Enhance Safety Evaluation with Novel Safety Biomarkers

"The tripartite constituency of HESI speeds the process of cardiovascular biomarker development by providing a unique scientific milieu, creates an opportunity for shared risk of new exploratory endeavors, and results in greater productivity of the collective group versus that of any company or individual." - Dr. Eric Schultze, Lilly Pharmaceuticals

"There is no other place, besides the HESI Cardiac Safety Committee, where there is this breadth of expertise and cross-sector partnership focused on an area of fundamental scientific need. And although we don’t often think about this because we’re focused on advancing our pharmaceutical and environmental safety assessment processes, but cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of mortality globally. There are significant public health impacts that can come from what we study and the capabilities we develop in this HESI program." - Dr. Brian Berridge, National Toxicology Program NIH

HESI’s work provides the science to support data-driven decisions on safety. For more examples of HESI science in action take a look at our current publications list, upcoming workshops and trainings, and list of global members.

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