Toxicogenomics in Risk Assessment: An Overview of an HESI Collaborative Research Program

  • Publication Date :
  • Publication Type : Journal Article
  • Author(s) : Pennie W, Pettit SD, Lord PG
  • Journal Name : Environmental Health Perspectives

Environmental Health Perspectives. 2004;112(4):417-419

Abstract: The value of genomic approaches in hypothesis generation is being realized as a tool for understanding toxicity and consequently contributing to an assessment of drug and chemical safety. In 1999 the membership of the International Life Sciences Institute Health and Environmental Sciences Institute formed a committee to develop a collaborative scientific program to address issues, challenges, and opportunities afforded by the emerging field of toxicogenomics. Experts and advisors from academia and government laboratories participate on the committee, along with approximately 30 corporate member organizations from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical, and consumer products industries. The committee has designed, conducted, and analyzed numerous toxicogenomic experiments within the broad fields of hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and genotoxicity. The considerable body of data generated by these programs has been instrumental in increasing understanding of sources of biological and technical variability in the alignment of toxicant-induced transcription changes with the accepted mechanism of action of these agents and the challenges in the consistent analysis and sharing of the voluminous data sets generated by these approaches. Recognizing the importance of standardized microarray data formats and public repository databases as the mechanism by which microarray data can be compared and interpreted by the scientific community, the committee has partnered with the European Bioinformatics Institute to develop a database to house the data generated by its collaborative research.

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