Cardiovascular Function in Nonclinical Drug Safety Assessment Current Issues and Opportunities

  • Publication Date :
  • Publication Type : Journal Article
  • Author(s) : Sarazan RD, Mittelstadt S, Guth B, Koerner J, Zhang J, Pettit S
  • Journal Name : International Journal of Toxicology

International Journal of Toxicology. 2011;30(3):272-286

Abstract: There are several recent examples where clinically significant, safety-related, drug effects on hemodynamics or cardiac function were not apparent until large clinical trials were completed or the drugs entered the consumer market. Such late-stage safety issues can have significant impact on patient health and consumer confidence, as well as ramifications for the regulatory, pharmaceutical, and financial communities. This manuscript provides recommendations that evolved from a 2009 HESI workshop on the need for improved translation of nonclinical cardiovascular effects to the clinical arena. The authors conclude that expanded and improved efforts to perform sensitive yet specific evaluations of functional cardiovascular parameters in nonclinical studies will allow pharmaceutical companies to identify suspect drugs early in the discovery and development process while allowing promising drugs to proceed into clinical development.

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