Agricultural Chemical Safety Assessment: A Multisector Approach to the Modernization of Human Safety Requirements

  • Publication Date :
  • Publication Type : Journal Article
  • Author(s) : Carmichael NG, Barton HA, Boobis AR, Cooper RL, Dellarco VL, Doerrer NG, Fenner-Crisp PA, Doe JE, Lamb JC IV, Pastoor TP
  • Journal Name : Critical Reviews in Toxicology

Critical Reviews in Toxicology. 2006;36(1):1-7

Abstract: Better understanding of toxicological mechanisms, enhanced testing capabilities, and demands for more sophisticated data for safety and health risk assessment have generated international interest in improving the current testing paradigm for agricultural chemicals. To address this need, the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute convened a large and diverse group of international experts to develop a credible and viable testing approach that includes scientifically appropriate studies that are necessary without being redundant, and that emphasize toxicological endpoints and exposure durations that are relevant for risk assessment. Benefits of the proposed approach include improved data for risk assessment, greater efficiency, use of fewer animals, and better use of resources. From the outset of this endeavor, it was unanimously agreed that a tiered approach should be designed to incorporate existing knowledge on the chemistry, toxicology, and actual human exposure scenarios of the compound, with integration of studies on metabolism/kinetics, life stages, and systemic toxicities. Three international task forces were charged with designing study types and endpoints on metabolism/ kinetics, life stages, and systemic toxicities to be used in the tiered approach. This tiered testing proposal departs from the current standardized list of hazard studies used by many national authorities, and represents the first comprehensive effort of its kind to scientifically redesign the testing framework for agricultural chemicals.

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