Emerging Issues Open Forum

The HESI Emerging Issues Open Forum is intended for both HESI members and future partners to submit an idea that may be a catalyst for the creation of a new project at HESI. The Emerging Issues Committee, a scientific advisory board of experts from around the world and different fields of study and employment, will review ideas to determine if they fit into the HESI model and are a topic of great interest or concern to HESI constituents.

No funding is awarded for Open Forum ideas, however, if selected, the Emerging Issue Committee will further scope the topic to determine how best to proceed, which may result in the formation of a new scientific committee composed of members from the public and private sectors.

This Open Forum compliments the typical Emerging Issues project proposal process in that the Open Forum is less formal and does not require a full proposal. Ideas should be 1-3 paragraphs and include:

  • The problem you would like HESI to address,
  • How the project might fit into a public-private partnership scheme and,
  • Whether or not you (or your organization) are willing to work with HESI to further develop the idea.
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If you have a proposal that you think is ready for a project without further scoping,
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