Instructions for HESI Peer Reviewers

Description of HESI Peer Review Process

You have been invited to serve as a HESI reviewer – thank you for your time!

Among HESI’s highest priorities is a commitment to setting and maintaining rigorous standards for the quality of its scientific work products and all of HESI’s publications are published via peer-reviewed journals. The HESI Board of Trustees has also instituted a mandatory peer review as a prelude to scientific journal review. This process helps to ensure that the organization’s work products are sufficient scientific rigor, balance, and clarity prior to submission for journal peer review.

The process is not intended to serve as a substitute for or equivalent to the subsequent review by a scientific journal. This is a more expedited review in which you will be asked only to rate the Acceptability of the Technical Correctness, Originality, Referencing, Quality of Results, and Clarity and whether the paper is of sufficient quality to be submitted for full peer-review at a journal.

After reading the manuscript, please complete and submit this brief online form. We request that this review is completed within 14 days of provision of the manuscript to you. If you are unable to accommodate this request we ask that you notify the Editor in Chief to determine whether an alternate reviewer is needed.

The HESI Editor in Chief will review the feedback provided below and advise the authors (via the HESI program manager) as to whether submission is approved.

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