HESI Annual Meeting 2023


NAMs for Safety Assessment, From Aspiration to Implementation

A Joint HESI-NC3Rs Event

7-8 June 2023, Central London, England

Keynote Speakers

The Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) and NC3Rs jointly hosted a meeting to bring fresh perspectives to the topic of new approach methodologies (NAMs) for safety assessment.

Through engaged discussion among experts, we tackled core questions relating to the practical application of NAMs across different sectors and contexts of use.

Discussions about the reality of NAMs from experts with a deep understanding of their practical use for chemical risk assessment. Barriers and incentives to a future NAMs-based safety evaluation paradigm, and potential actionable steps to implement change while ensuring that key safety questions were addressed. Real-time meeting polls helped track potential shifts in perspective during the two-day meeting.

Meeting registration is now closed.


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