HESI Insights - June / July 2019

HESI Celebrates 30th Anniversary at June 2019 Annual Meeting


From left to right: Dr. Gary Miller (Columbia University, USA), Dr. Maya Leventer-Roberts (Clalit Research Institute, Israel), Dr. Martin Philbert (University of Michigan, USA), Dr. Ned Wakeman (Alderly Park Accelerator, UK), and Dr. Flavio Zambrone (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

Cardiac Safety Committee
Awarded FDA U01 Grant



FDA Cardiotoxicity Workshop: Slides & Webcast Now Available!

CT-TRACS Co-Hosted Pluripotent Stem Cells Manufacturing Experts Panel

Call for Participants:
CT-TRACS Multi-Site Study


Meet "COMPASS" - A New Bioinformatic Utility in the
COMPARE Allergen Database

eSTAR Biomarkers of Nephrotoxicity Presentation at Gordon Research Conference

FDA/CBER-HESI Workshop on the Safety Assessment of Engineered
T Cell Therapies


Bioaccumulation Committee Fish Biotransformation in Bioaccumulation Outreach Session

From the Leadership