HESI Annual Meeting 2015


JUNE 9-12, 2015



The ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) held its 2015 Annual Meeting on 9-12 June 2015 at the Westin Georgetown, Washington, DC, USA.


The program booklet for the 2015 Annual Meeting is linked below:

Tab 1 – Agenda

Tab 2 – HESI Assembly

Tab 3 – Emerging Issues Session

Tab 4 – About HESI

Tab 5 – Speaker Bios

Tab 6 – Strategic Planning

Tab 7 - Participants


Annual Meeting Presentations:

HESI Annual Meeting 2015: A Year in Review - HESI Executive Director, Syril D Pettit



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: HESI Cardiovascular Safety Committee:  Bridging nonclinical and clinical science for enhanced cardiac safety –  Dr. Brian Berridge



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: HESI Genomics Committee:   New tools for safety assessment:  small RNA biomarkers and an in vivo model for epigenetic effects - Dr. Karol Thompson (FDA)



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: HESI Protein Allergenicity Committee: Practical challenges in biosafety assessment of novel proteins – Dr. Scott McClain (Syngenta Crop Protection)



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: PATC Satellite context talk:  Practical challenges in biosafety assessment - Willy K. Tonui, PhD, RBP, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya National Biosafety Authority



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: Investing in Innovation - Dr. Misti Ushio, Harris Group



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: ILSI: Clean Water, Enhanced Nutrition, Healthier Populations – Syril Pettit, HESI Executive Director



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: Food Security and Ecosystem Services Speaker - Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Director General, African Insect Science for Food and Health (ICIPE).



HESI Annual Meeting 2015: Global Burden of Disease 2013: Environmental and Occupational Risks, - Dr. Theo Vos –Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation



Emerging Issues Proposals:


Emerging Issues Presentations:

Models / Tests to Assess Stem Cells as Therapeutic Agents.  Using Imaging Technology to Evaluate Stem Cell Safety, Mode of Action and Efficacy

Presented by: Dr. Bill Shingleton (GE Healthcare) and Dr. Greg Mullen (Kings College London)


Transforming Exposure Science Through a Strategic Integration of Emerging Technologies and Big Data to Improve Predictive Exposure Capabilities

Presented by: Dr. Rosemary Zaleski (ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences)


Nonclinical Efficacy and Safety Studies in Support of Neonatal Pediatric Therapeutics Use and Development

Presented by: Dr. Melissa Tassinari (FDA)


Please contact Ms. Cyndi Nobles (cnobles@hesiglobal.org) for additional information.