PATC Non-IgE Mediated Immune Reactions to Foods Workshop

  • Event Name : PATC Non-IgE Mediated Immune Reactions to Foods Workshop
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  • Location : Rome, Italy
  • Venue : Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Centre

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Food allergy, or the adverse response of the immune system towards food proteins, is an important public health issue across the globe. Historically, the focus of food-allergy research and safety assessment has been on IgE mediated immune responses. However, in recent years, research efforts have been focused on improving the scientific understanding of the prevalence, etiology, and detection of non-IgE mediated allergic responses to foods, and in particular, Celiac Disease (CD), a well characterized non-IgE mediated adverse immune reaction to foods.
This public workshop was organized to create an opportunity to discuss the current state of the science in immunologic mechanisms of non-IgE mediated food allergy with a specific emphasis on use of these data to assess food safety.



·         Workshop participants discussed the current approaches and possible gaps in the characterization and detection of proteins anticipated to trigger non-IgE responses including the etiology of CD, and the role of dietary proteins in inducing/triggering this disease.

·         The interactive format of this scientific program was intended to elicit participant feedback on current data gaps, research needs, and the potential for integration of new scientific evidence into the food safety assessment process.

·         The discussions and key conclusions from this workshop will form the basis of a proceedings article for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.


Workshop Presentations

Non-IgE mediated mechanisms of allergy (genetics, molecular pathways, diagnostic models). Dr. Antonella Cianferoni, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Review of the immunology of Celiac Disease (CD), diagnosis and epidemiology. Dr. Renata Auricchio, European Laboratory for the Investigation of Food-Induced Diseases.

Molecular basis of celiac disease and consequences for evaluation of CD risk potential of proteins. Dr. Frits Koning, Leiden University Medical Centre.

Minding the Ps and Qs: repeated sequences in nut and seed albumins related to those in gliadins and glutenins. Dr. Catherine Schein, Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, Inc.; University of Texas, Medical Branch.

Current trends in gluten-free foods. Dr. Pietro De Albertis, Barilla.

Overall safety assessment of GM crops, with focus on allergenicity. Dr. Greg Ladics, DuPont Co.

Modeling local alignments within allergens and celiac proteins. Dr. Scott McClain, Syngenta Crop Protection

EFSA proposal for the risk assessment of newly expressed proteins concerning non-IgE-mediated immune responses. Dr. Antonio Fernandez-Dumont, EFSA.


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