HESI PATC New Methods Workshop

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  • Location : Nice, France
  • Venue : Hotel Palais de la Mediterranee

Workshop Presentations

New Methods Workshop- HESI Overview
Mr. Karluss Thomas, HESI

Protein Allergenicity Technical Committee – Workshop Goals
Dr. Laura Privalle, BASF Corporation

Current Allergy Assessment Process 1996-2007
Dr. Greg Ladics, DuPont

EPA Intramural and Extramural Research to Improve Capability to Assess the Risk of Allergenicity from Genetically Altered Food
Dr. Mary Jane Selgrade, US Environmental Protection Agency

Allergen Databases
Dr. Steve Gendel, US Food and Drug Administration

Utility of “Sliding Window” FASTA in Predicting Cross-Reactivity with Allergenic Proteins
Dr. Bob Cressman, DuPont

A Method to Determine an E-score Threshold to Identify Potential Cross Reactive Allergens
Dr. Andre Silvanovich, Monsanto

Utility of Proteomic Techniques for Assessing Protein Expression
Dr. Savithiry Natarajan, USDA

Evaluating Variability of Allergens in Commodity Crops (Peanuts)
Dr. Peggy Ozias-Akins, University of Georgia

Proteomics Approaches and Resources for Studying Oilseeds
Dr. Jay Thelen, University of Missouri - Columbia

New Methods Workshop- Day One Summary
Dr. Laura Privalle, BASF Corporation

Use of Basophils from Clinically Documented Allergic Patients
Dr. Ronald Harbeck, National Jewish Medical and Research Center

RBL cell lines and Serum IgE as Alternatives to In Vivo Methods
Dr. Jolanda van Bilsen, TNO

Utility of Animal Models for Predicting Human Allergenicity
Dr. Sam Lehrer, Tulane University

Murine Models for Evaluating the Allergenicity of Genetically Modified Foods
Dr. Hatice Aldemir-Josso, University of Paris

Utility of Rodent (Mouse) Models for Evaluating Protein Allergenicity
Dr. Christal Bowman, US Environmental Protection Agency

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