CITE Inaugural Workshop: Towards New Science for Public Health

  • Event Name : CITE Inaugural Workshop: Towards New Science for Public Health
  • Start Date/Time :
  • End Date/Time :
  • Location : Arlington, USA

Inaugural Workshop

December 6-7, 2012

Le Meridien Hotel
Arlington, Virginia

Workshop Objectives

  • Define new opportunities for partnership across the participating sectors (academe, industry, government, nonprofit institutes, foundations, venture capital organizations, etc.) and across scientific disciplines to reach  the shared goal of significantly enhancing the development of approaches, new knowledge and products that positively impact society in the context of health and/or safety;
  • Develop a path towards efficient new models for interaction that synergize existing strengths of the respective parties, and provide resources to address potential obstacles or deficiencies, thereby ‘raising all boats’;
  • Create neutral but proactive platforms where opportunities to improve public health become a common objective of all stakeholders (e.g., industry, academia, government, foundations, etc.) rather than parallel, disconnected, or antagonistic activities.
  • Generate innovative ideas and recommendations that will be captured in a publication to follow the workshop.

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Workshop Chairs

Syril Pettit, MEM – HESI Executive Director
Andrew Mazar, PhD - Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Northwestern University
Brian Berridge, DVM,PhD - Director and Head, WW Animal Research Strategy GlaxoSmithKline
Ronald Hines, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology/Toxicology, Co-Chief, Section of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacogenetics and Teratology at Medical College of Wisconsin
Marc Bonnefoi, DVM, PhD, Head, North America R&D Hub, Global Head, Drug Disposition, Preclinical Safety and Animal Research (DSAR), Sanofi US (in absentia)

Workshop Videos

Opening Remarks & Goals– S. Pettit, MEM
Organizational Capital – “A Birds Eye View of the Collaboration Space” Melissa Stevens, MBA
Intellectual Capital: “Transdisciplinary Approaches to Fostering New Science” Jerry Lee, PhD
Fiscal Capital: “Boosting Innovation through Crowd-Funding” Nish Acharya
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