Environmental Epidemiology for Risk Assessment Committee

Environmental Epidemiology for
Risk Assessment Committee

Mission Statement

This program aims to foster a dialogue on the use of environmental epidemiology for regulatory decision-making through a series of small focus group sessions with tripartite representation from regulators, industry and academia. The goal of these meetings is to: (1) mutually engage the epidemiology, exposure and regulatory communities in discussing what risk assessors need from epidemiology studies to make informed decisions; (2) discuss the incentives and barriers to making epidemiology studies better adapted to risk assessment; and (3) develop areas of consensus between risk assessors and epidemiologists, and identify a path forward. This project fills a critical gap, and helps better integrate epidemiology to the risk assessment process by engaging a broad audience, and providing a unique bridge between the regulated industry, academic researchers studying its potential impact on health, and the regulators who seek to make informed public health decisions.

Committee Contacts

HESI Staff

Connie Chen, PhD

Sandrine Deglin, PhD

Leadership Team

Jeffrey Lewis, PhD, MBA

Heidi Erickson, PhD

David Miller, PhD
US Environmental Protection Agency

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