Next Generation Ecological Risk Assessment Committee (EcoRisk) Videos

Dr. Jochen Zubrod (Zubrod Environmental Data Science)

Leveraging Machine Learning to Predict Species Sensitivity as a Function of Underlying Physiology

29 June 2023

Dr. Marlo Jeffries (TCU)

HESI Next Generation Ecological Risk Assessment CommitteeDr. Marlo Jeffries (TCU) presented ongoing research related to the Fish Embryo Toxicity Test in a talk titled Investigating the Predictive Power of Sublethal Endpoints for Fish Embryo Toxicity Tests.

14 September 2022

Dr. Dave Kuo, Kuo Research & Consulting

Bioaccumulation and Biotransformation in Birds: Data Gaps, Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Strategies

21 April 2022

Dr. Michelle Embry, HESI


EnviroTox Database & Tools

22 February 2022

Michelle Embry, Sandrine Deglin, Connie Mitchell, & Raechel Puglisi, HESI

Next Generation Ecological Risk Assessment

10 November 2021

Drs. Ester Papa & Nicola Chirico, University of Insubria, Italy

New QSARs for key toxicokinetic parameters in mammals


24 June 2021

Alessandro Sangion, Alexandra Looky, Liisa Toose, Karen Foster, James Armitage, Michelle Embry, Jon Arnot

In vitro and in vitro TK databases for mammals and a new on-line platform

13 May 2021

Jon Arnot, Liisa Toose, James Armitage

Integrating Bioaccumulation Assessment Tools for Mammals


08 April 2021

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