Collaboration on Ototoxicity Risk Assessment (CORA)

Mission Statement

The collaborative mission of the committee is to better understand the impacts on the inner ear, resulting from co-exposures to noise and known and suspected ototoxic substances, in the pursuit of identifying safe exposure levels which minimize or eliminate the risk of ototoxicity to the consumer or worker.

HESI Staff

Leadership Team

  • Rick Neitzel, PhD

    University of Michigan

  • Laura Maurer, MPH, PhD

    ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc.

Project Plan

Year 1: Problem Formulation & Scoping – Hazard & Exposure Assessment
Project 1: Begin to systematically understand and clarify data gaps in hazard assessment
Project 2: Provide the necessary perspective for use of large biometric databases

Year 2: Publications of Project 1 & Project 2
Project 3: Assessment of current, historically-utilized clinical metrics for ototoxicity against new, improved methods

Year 3: Storyboarding of Project 3 for Publication
Project 4: Development and initiation of fit-for-purpose animal studies to address the most significant data gaps identified in Project 1

To view the full project proposal, please click here.

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