Who We Are


HESI, a non-profit 501c charitable organization, provides the framework for scientists from the public and private sectors to meaningfully collaborate in developing science for a safer, more sustainable world.


An experienced, motivated professional scientific staff of 13, led by Syril Pettit, HESI Executive Director, supports HESI programs from our Washington, DC office.

Board of Trustees

HESI is governed by the Board of Trustees, comprised of 16 representatives from the public sector and 15 representatives from the private sector.

Participating Organizations

Over 200 academic institutions, medical centers, foundations and NGOs, government agencies, and scientific industries provide intellectual contributions to HESI’s scientific programs. This diverse partner base allows for identification of high priority cross-cutting issues, ensures balance, drives effective solutions, and establishes critical networks to facilitate the uptake of new science.

Insights from participating researchers in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America help make HESI’s scientific programs and outputs meaningful across borders and cultures and applicable at regional, national, and international levels.


HESI’s multi-sector, multidisciplinary stakeholders are passionate about working together to answer pressing scientific questions.  In addition to our core scientific committees, HESI has also developed formal partnerships with key governmental and non-governmental bodies in shared support for quality safety science.