What We Do





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HESI Mission

Collaboratively identify and help to resolve global health and environment challenges through the engagement of scientists from academia, government, industry, NGOs, and other strategic partners.


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HESI Vision

Creating science-based solutions for a sustainable, healthier world.

Key Scientific Focus Areas

Our scientific program focus areas span from basic research and discovery to applied decision-frameworks.  All of our initiatives provide fit for purpose science to address contemporary health and safety challenges.

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Food Safety   

Safe Medicines

Risk Assessment

Environmental Quality and Sustainability

HESI Philosophy

HESI's scientific programs bring together scientists from around the world from academia, government, industry, research institutes, and NGOs to address and reach consensus on scientific questions that have the potential to be resolved through creative application of intellectual and financial resources. This multi-sector approach forms the core of every HESI scientific endeavor.

As a non-profit organization, HESI provides a unique, objective forum for initiating dialogue among scientists with different perspectives and expertise. Industry sponsors provide primary financial support for HESI programs, but HESI also receives financial and in-kind support from a variety of U.S. and international government agencies. 

Quick History

HESI was established in 1989 as a global branch of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) (www.ilsi.org) to provide an international forum to advance the understanding of scientific issues related to human health, toxicology, risk assessment, and the environment. In 2002, HESI was recognized by the United States government as a publicly supported, tax-exempt organization, independently chartered from ILSI.