Joining from the Public Sector

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HESI’s programs spur innovation, enhance efficiency, and ensure relevance by pooling a diverse base of intellectual, financial, and scientific resources and perspectives.
All HESI programs involve scientists from the academic, government, and industrial sectors.  Many also involve technical experts from foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes and hospitals, and more.
All committee participants engage in program selection, design, execution, and subsequent analysis and communication of results.
How can scientists working in the public sector become HESI participants?

Individual public-sector scientists (e.g., from academia, research hospitals, foundations, research institutes, NGOs, governmental organizations, etc.) may join HESI at the committee level or may be considered for election as a Trustee of the HESI Board. There are no direct costs for public participation, although in-kind contributions as described below are required. Trade associations are not eligible to join HESI.


Who are HESI’s current public sector participants?

HESI’s scientific programs currently engage scientists from nearly 150 different universities, research institutes and hospitals, government agencies, and foundations across the globe.  A current list of public participants is available here.


What the expectations for public participants?

Committee membership requires relevant technical expertise, active participation on conference calls and meetings, and a commitment to providing ongoing, intellectual input to the scientific program.

Read more about the committees on this page and contact the staff support for those committees directly to learn more.


I’m interested, how do I join a project?

New participation is coordinated via HESI’s scientific program management staff.  Contact information for the relevant staff person for each HESI Committee is available via the HESI website or by sending an email to  Please indicate your program of interest, relevant expertise, and contact information.


What if my public sector organization wants to directly partner with and/or support HESI’s mission and activities?

Many public organizations choose to partner ‘entity-to-entity’ with HESI.  For example, HESI and the US FDA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to define terms for a joint commitment to research towards improved drug development and safety.  Other partnership options include but are not limited to the following:

  • Unrestricted contribution of funds
  • Research grants
  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Scientific research or symposia co-sponsorship
  • Donation of facilities for HESI events.

For more information on opportunities, contact