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HESI’s programs spur innovation, enhance efficiency, and ensure relevance by pooling a diverse base of intellectual, financial, and scientific resources and perspectives.
All HESI programs involve scientists from the academic, government, and industrial sectors.  Many also involve technical experts from foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes and hospitals, and more.
All committee participants engage in program selection, design, execution, and subsequent analysis and communication of results.

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How can scientists working in the private sector become a participant in HESI?

 Individual scientists who are employed in the private sector are eligible to participate in HESI scientific committee’s and/or its Board of Trustees through HESI’s Corporate Sponsorship mechanism.  In short, the parent company must join HESI as an organizational sponsor, select specific committee activities to support, and then any number of interested scientists from that company may participate in those supported programs.


Who are HESI’s current private sector participants?

Current participants, public and private sector, are available on our Current Partners page.


How much are HESI sponsorship fees?

HESI’s annual sponsorship fees are based on sponsors’ worldwide sales (most recently available year-end figures.) The current fee schedule is shown on the sponsorship application.  Scientific committee membership fees are set by the committees’ themselves and are assessed on an annual basis to reflect the scope of work.


Who can be a sponsor?

HESI sponsorship is open to producers of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural and other industrial chemicals, paper products, personal care and household products, communications products, transportation products, or energy products, or of ingredients or containers used in, or in connection with these products. Providers of scientific and technical services used in the safety testing or production of these products or in the assessment of the human health and environmental safety of these products are also eligible.  Each sponsor company becomes a member of the HESI Assembly.


What are the expectations for private sector participants on scientific committees?

HESI scientific committee membership requires relevant expertise, active participation on conference calls and meetings, and a commitment to providing ongoing, intellectual input to the scientific program.  Participants must also be employed by a current HESI sponsor company that has paid the annual assessment for relevant committee.

Read more about the committees and contact the staff support for those committees directly to learn more.


I’m interested, how do I join a project?

New participation is coordinated via HESI’s scientific program management staff.  Contact information for the relevant staff person for each HESI Committee is available via the HESI website or by sending an email to  Please indicate your program of interest, relevant expertise, and contact information.