HESI Values


Creating Knowledge for a Healthier, Sustainable World
Since 1989, the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute has engaged scientists from academia, government, industry, and other research institutes to identify common health and environmental concerns and develop scientific knowledge leading to a healthier, more sustainable world.


Shared Challenges; Shared Solutions
HESI’s multi-sector, multidisciplinary stakeholders are passionate about working together to answer pressing scientific questions.

Teamwork among experts with diverse perspectives spurs scientific innovation.

International Reach; Global Relevance
HESI’s network spans the globe, ensuring its science is meaningful across borders and cultures.

Skilled, Dedicated Leadership
The commitment of public and private sector scientists and experienced, motivated professional staff guarantees success.

Knowledge to Application
HESI’s work enriches the existing body of scientific evidence and improves our understanding of how to apply science to improve human and environmental health.

For the Public Good
HESI: Developing the knowledge that leads to a healthier, more sustainable world.