Our scientific programs are conducted by multi-sector committees that organize, support, and execute projects, including collaborative laboratory research programs; pooling and analyzing existing data; creating decision frameworks and methodologies; developing and contributing to databases; identifying scientific best practices; and generating scientific dialogue by sponsoring symposia and workshops around the globe. These committees have substantial participation from academic and government scientists, and disseminate the products of their activities through publication in peer-reviewed journals and other print- and web-based media. 

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Technical Committees

Technical Committees pool financial and intellectual resources to support credible, unbiased scientific activities that simultaneously address short-term and long-range issues.

Emerging Issues Subcommittees

Emerging Issues Subcommittees address new scientific focus areas and are formed as a result of the HESI Emerging Issues Proposal Solicitation Process.

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Past Committees

HESI has a long history of excellence in science. Committees that successfully complete their mission sunset and are archived here on our website.

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Propose a Project

The adoption of new programs and projects allows HESI to address the most relevant emerging science and serve as a resource for its stakeholders to pursue collaborative scientific evaluation.

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Mapping Future Science

The 2010-2020 HESI Combined Challenges Map is intended as a guide to stimulate discussion and debate across the spectrum of interested stakeholders and committed scientists.

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