2010-2020 HESI Combined Challenges Map

To identify significant issues that might be addressed as part of the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) scientific portfolio, an expert group of key government, academic, and industry scientists from around the world were assembled in 2009 to map the current and future landscape of scientific and regulatory challenges.

The value of the scientific mapping exercise was the development of a tool (see 2010-2020 HESI Combined Challenges Map below) which HESI, individual companies, research institutions, government agencies, and regulatory authorities can use to anticipate key challenges, place them into context, and thus strategically refine and expand scientific project portfolios into the future.

The 2010-2020 HESI Combined Challenges Map is intended as a guide to stimulate discussion and debate across the spectrum of interested stakeholders and committed scientists.

For a review of the 2009 HESI scientific mapping initiative, including a comparison with earlier HESI mapping activities, click here.

Click here for a complete description of the 2009 HESI Scientific Mapping initiative (Bonnefoi et al., 2010).

Click on specific topics in the 2010-2020 HESI Combined Challenges Map below for greater context and for identification of existing (and past) HESI committees engaged in exploring the scope of each challenge (as of summer 2011).




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